Monthly Archives: March 2015

Dear Members,

The recent developements with our founders leaving the community for good, we’re left with a heavy task which we’re going to take with both hands.
We’re tending to hussle around some stuff, no mayor changes so you guys won’t have to worry about it ;).

With ZioN! and Mr. Orange putting down there functions. We’re left with no ‘mentor’, but a whole load of experiences and guidelines.
Also we’re down to €0,- by now due these events, No, ZioN! and Orange did not take all the money we had left. The only money that was left was invested by them or us.

As making a new star of this legacy we’re forced to raise up an income again for the upcoming month of payments of our server(s).
For the first month(s) we’re covering up some of the costs ourself and are not going in towards any finicial debts.

That’s why we need your support!
Donations now a days a rare and they’re still vital to keep everything up and running.

Therefore we’re asking you members to donate a bit when you have some spare money laying around to donate something to raise the funds and keep the server(s). up.

Also this will not go unnotice. We of course reward you with the rights which will be attached to donating.
Besides this we will reward you with some games we still have in store.

We’re thankfull for every member which is willing to even donate or has done in the past.
And we hope we are going to keep you guys satisfied and have you guys keep playing without any worries!



Also we´d like to inform you of a new Rank for Members who have been part of the Community for a very long time and have contributed many things in the past years: Rebels Original!
Those who have this special rank will have slightly improved rights on our Black-Ops Server (Temp-ban) aswell as a new shiny icon on the Forum.
With that beeing said, we´d like to thank and congratulate the following Members which have been with us for many years:

The Joker


**Also critiques, feedback, compliments are welcome. We want to improve as independent leader being and have a better overall communication with you guys.**


The management.