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Dear Visitors/Members,


Last week we’ve agreed that Dexter isn’t active enough as Community Leader, we know that this is due his busy in real life.
We need someone who can gather the Community Mods to work together with the Leader in order to maintain a good server.

We’ve chosen Naru for this task, Naru has been in this community for more then 3 years now and knows our vision. He’s always contributed alot, both community as server wise.

We thank Dexter for everything he did in the short period as Com Leader and wish him good luck in his private life!


 The Management,

– Ameiya, Dender, Lynx and Snowflake

Dear Visitors/Members,


We’d like to announce an addition to our team of Leaders: Our dear Cat “Lynx“.

He has been part of our community for a very long time and did a very good job back when he was a Modarator and Admin (back in the very old ranking system). And even now he is contributing many things for the community (game reviews, give-aways, inactivity posts and much more).
We are happy to have him on-board with us from now on and we are sure that he will a good addition to our Team.


The Management,

– Ameiya, Dender, Lynx and Snowflake.

Dear Visitors/Members,


As of recent our competitive Leaque of Legends team has been making some progress as a team being. Together they have been battling several teams in scrims and have been active in some tournaments recently.

Last week they have been competiting in the ‘ESL LoL Open Leaque Spring Seasone 2015 – Playoffs and evantually finished 3rd after there consilidation match for the 3rd place has been forfeited due to the enemy team not being there to play.

After placing 3rd in the Playoffs they tried there best in the ‘LoL LowElo #24 France‘ where they unfortunately fell short in the first round and where left empty-handed.


Our team consist of the following players:

– Ameiya (C)

– TSM Kirito

– Dragon

– AionAblaze

– Ex1bel

– Techiey

The Management,


Dear Players/Members,


Our server stats have been reset for the month of May with the following outcome!


First of all we have the top five highest KDR:

1. [SwMt]Amlaith with a 4,34

2. [Love]50-23 with a 4,03

3. SwMt | TantGreta

4. SWMt | Released with 2,97

5. Baaab the Sheep with 2,92.


Top kills on the server:

1. [REBL]LumpyNutz with 3551

2. MOHA with 3215

3. eLViKuS with 2935

4. [REBL]Booo with 2574

5. [REBL]DeXter with 2510.


Well done to the Rebel members there made it to the top five 


Just as a little side note:

Server kill count: 154.873
Server death counts: 159.458

The server kdr: 0,97.


~~Snow~~ & DeXter


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