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Hello everyone and happy Halloween!
I hope the weekend was good, because I know mine was when I looked in the mirror today. (*painted face with a scent of alcohol, but no regrets!)

The top five with highest KDR in October is the following players:

SwMt | Released 6,06 KDR

I EpIc 3,44 KDR

[REBL] Kingdom 3.09 KDR

AaO|Granite 2,60 KDR

Amlaith 2,46 KDR


Our top five players with the highest amount of kills:

[REBL] billy 4638 kills

[REBL] DeXter! 4459 kills

[REBL] Naru 3907 kills

[REBL] Booo 3772 kills

Revy 3565 kills



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