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Dear Members,

The recent developements with our founders leaving the community for good, we’re left with a heavy task which we’re going to take with both hands.
We’re tending to hussle around some stuff, no mayor changes so you guys won’t have to worry about it ;).

With ZioN! and Mr. Orange putting down there functions. We’re left with no ‘mentor’, but a whole load of experiences and guidelines.
Also we’re down to €0,- by now due these events, No, ZioN! and Orange did not take all the money we had left. The only money that was left was invested by them or us.

As making a new star of this legacy we’re forced to raise up an income again for the upcoming month of payments of our server(s).
For the first month(s) we’re covering up some of the costs ourself and are not going in towards any finicial debts.

That’s why we need your support!
Donations now a days a rare and they’re still vital to keep everything up and running.

Therefore we’re asking you members to donate a bit when you have some spare money laying around to donate something to raise the funds and keep the server(s). up.

Also this will not go unnotice. We of course reward you with the rights which will be attached to donating.
Besides this we will reward you with some games we still have in store.

We’re thankfull for every member which is willing to even donate or has done in the past.
And we hope we are going to keep you guys satisfied and have you guys keep playing without any worries!



Also we´d like to inform you of a new Rank for Members who have been part of the Community for a very long time and have contributed many things in the past years: Rebels Original!
Those who have this special rank will have slightly improved rights on our Black-Ops Server (Temp-ban) aswell as a new shiny icon on the Forum.
With that beeing said, we´d like to thank and congratulate the following Members which have been with us for many years:

The Joker


**Also critiques, feedback, compliments are welcome. We want to improve as independent leader being and have a better overall communication with you guys.**


The management.

Dear Members,

As the title explains, we’re going to give you guys a quick recap about what happend inside our community in the past few month(s).

Since the last monhly back in April, we didn’t make any since then and it has a quite simple reason.
In the month April things have quite changed inside our community and the some certain stuff around it.

Due to the decrease of activity of ZioN! and Mr.Orange due there busy personal lives, Dender & Ameiya and myself have been leading  Team-Rebel since Mid-May.
Things have sometimes go as planned and sometimes not, I.E the Forum/Website Rollback, we’re currently improving and we’re taking a look at what u guys as an individual want.
Besides these changes, as the start of our leadership we decided to give several members a promotion and let members tell us why they are the best for certain ranks aswell, not all spots are taken yet.
After that things went as planned and on track, in June we rented a DayZ Standalone server which lasted for 1 month as payment term. The main reason this server later didn’t got a month extra is that money vault is closely watch on the out- and incomes, we live of donations after all.
Recently Hate invested €40,- for a second Call of Duty: Black Ops server, which is currently live and running. Besides that we’ve changed our main server to a 12 man slot server, it should be.

Recently we had the proposal from our Ex-member Dreamkiller to let him back in the clan since he had some personal live issues. This was for us no doubt and we straight away accepted the man who has been a HUGE nightmare for all our Black Ops server players 😉

We’re accepting members a bit easier as it was in the past, we’re hopefully expanding our limits this way in a positive way.

May – Mr. Orange 10,-
May – Zion! 10,-
May – Dender 20,-

June – Mr. Orange 10,-
June – Zion! 10,-
June – Dender 1,-
June – Ameiya 15,-
June – DayZ Server €43,50
– €7,50,-

July – Mr. Orange 10,-
July – Zion! 10,-
+ €20,-

August – Mr. Orange 10,-
August – Zion! 10,-
August – Hate 40,-
August – Exibita 10,-
August – Snowflake 25,-
– August – Black Ops server II €11,49

Remaining: + € 135,01

If you guys still have any tips/questions we are here to answer them for you!


The Management,

Dear Rebels,

a while ago we told you that we starting anew as a Community and that we want to support new (and old) games.
In order to do so we want to set up new Servers for DayZ Standalone and/or Battlefield.
But new Servers costs money and mean more work for us.

Looking for a way to support us? Or looking forward to one of the new Servers?
Then you can help us to get the Servers going!
All you need to do in order to support us is to click the new “Donate!” button on our Website.
There you can choose if you want to support us, or if you want to donate for one of the new Servers.

Dender, Ameiya & Snowflake,
The leaders of the Team Rebel Community

UPDATE: Forum is working again.

We will be setting back the Forum to the state of how it was before the first problems appeared. Forum posts made since then till now will most likely be deleted in this process.

What actually happend?

We wanted to update the phpBB version (platform on wich the forum is running) and add a few parts in order to integrate it into the Homepage.
However due to my bad planning-ahad, serveral mistakes were made to the sate of a not working Forum.

What now?
I want to apologise to all of our members who were affected by those problems. This was my mistake for the biggest part because i did not plan-ahad well enough.

Once everything is set back and working we will continue to work on the forum update. However it will take more time then intended and i can not tell you a date on when the new system will be aviable.

Ameiya, Leader of Team Rebel,

As you might have noticed- the form is currently not working correctly. We are trying to fix that again at the moment but we cant tell how much longer it will take.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes and we are trying to get everything working as soon as possible.

EDIT 11:48: Forum is working again but we still have issues with our normal forum layout and one re-direct wich is not working.


An new road for Team Rebel!

We’ve noticed the old Team Rebel is getting more and more empty & dead.
So we’ve decided to take a new road and give our members an nice and active community.
To do that we need to make some major changes to Team Rebel how it is today:

Clan Structure

The big news of today is that ZioN! & Mr. Orange are heading to the backside and that me, Snowflake & Ameiya will take the daily leadership.
The current member ranking system.
Having so many ranks inside of an community does not work. Our current ranking is only there in order to give our members server-powers depending on how long they have been in the clan (aside from contributor/admins). In a larger cross-game community this system will not work at all.

Also, with these new ranks there will be more influence from the members, since they all can say their opinion about their own section.

The new Ranks:
Owner(s): Owners of the brand “Team Rebel” (ZioN! & Mr. Orange)

Leaders: The Leaders have the task to lead the whole Community. (Dender, Snowflake & Ameiya)

Community Leaders: These will lead their part of the Community.

Community Moderators: These Moderators will only have rights in a certain part of the Community & the forum part of that game.
For example: An Black Ops Moderator would only have rights on our Black Ops server.

Global Moderators: These Moderators are basicly the police of the Forum.

Members: Just like it says, these are the members of our community and have all the same rights (aside from the server-side rankings on games like BO)

Donators: Like we have it now. They can have some additional rights in server-based games (BO f.e) and some nice-to-have gimmicks on the forums (Wall of fame).

There will be free spots for some of these ranks.

How will we try to grow?

We already have 3 games wich we would like to actively support in the future and we’ve worked out an monthly budget for that.
Those 3 games will be anounced in the close future.


We’ve made an —>homepage<--- for our website instead of only our forum. We'll try to add more options to it in the future, but for now it'll have to do. The Forum will have an "update" in the near future aswell. We'll delete some of the non essential (sub)forums. Applications

Since we’re an community we’ll delete the current application procedure.
If someone wants to join our Community, he’ll need to write an new topic with his reasons to join us and who he is.
The Community leaders will make an decision whether or not to accept him in our Community.
New members still need to be 16 years and above.

Dender, Ameiya & Snowflake,
The leaders of the Team Rebel Community