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Hey everyone!


Many changes has been added to Team Rebel in January and February and i post the most important below.

The management was changed as the following:

Lynx has been promoted to Community Cat and will be the person to update with news, on the website/Forum and help on the Teamspeak. Hes also the one in charge of our twitter which can be found here:

Wizzy Chizzy has been promoted to Community Moderator in our new Counter Strike Global Offensive team, he will handle all tryouts and new players who would like to join Team Rebel through CS:GO.

Snowflake has been changed from Leader to Rebels Original – since he has been a loyal member for many years!

AionAblaze got a new job description, because he don’t play much League of Legends anymore. Hes job description has been changed to Community Advisor


The changes to what games we play, changed as following:

Rust: We now support the game Rust. We have a server, and many of our members that plays actively every day. You can find our server here:

Since we gotten our server in Rust, it only grown, and on February 17 we had a full server (Total of 70 online players)

Counter Strike Global Offensive: For long time we have been looking for new games to play, and many players started playing CS:GO, so we gave it a shot and it seemed to be the most favored game to be our next game. We got our self a team, and a moderator, that actively plays the game and arrange Tryout etc.


The changes to our forum:

New forum: in 2016 we launched a new forums design, this is not our final design, since we have a new design in the works, which will be done soon!

Changes to subforums: We have decided to remove many of the unused forums and subforums and add many new forums and subforums. This also include our new misc games forum, where you can talk about any game you want and even share your thoughts about a game you really like or hate.


Call of Duty Black Ops:

Our Community Leader Naru currently host an event on the server where you can choose a game of your choice (Max 60 Euro) – Ends 04/01/2016

Find more info here:



Lynx is trying to keep the teamspeak up to date, by adding the channels that are needed and helping out, if you need it.

You will be able to find Lynx in 3 different forms on the Teamspeak, online as much as possible.

If you need help on Teamspeak you can poke / PM the following 3 users on Teamspeak:


TR-Acitivy track – Test client

Team Rebel Support


Enjoy the month!



Hello everyone and happy Halloween!
I hope the weekend was good, because I know mine was when I looked in the mirror today. (*painted face with a scent of alcohol, but no regrets!)

The top five with highest KDR in October is the following players:

SwMt | Released 6,06 KDR

I EpIc 3,44 KDR

[REBL] Kingdom 3.09 KDR

AaO|Granite 2,60 KDR

Amlaith 2,46 KDR


Our top five players with the highest amount of kills:

[REBL] billy 4638 kills

[REBL] DeXter! 4459 kills

[REBL] Naru 3907 kills

[REBL] Booo 3772 kills

Revy 3565 kills



Forum topic




Hey everyone!

It’s the first of July and that means it is time to reveal the feats of our member and players in June.

Presenting the stats for the first time myself, I present you the top five players with the highest KDR:
1. SwMt | TantGreta 3,94 KDR

2. SwMt | Released 3,33 KDR

3. [SwMt] AiZCreaM 3,20 KDR

4. Baaab the Sheep 3,10 KDR

5. Jarvis 2,93 KDR


Following up with the highest kills among the top five:

1. [REBL] Jiggy 5564 kills

2. [REBL] Kamzy <3TKT 3018 kills

3. rajallDiavolo V 2796 kills

4. [REBL] Bananarama 2644 kills

5. [REBL] Batar 2324 kills


Server stats:

Kill Count: 161746
Death Count: 166973
Server KDR: 0,97


Good hunting everyone and well done to one of our newest additions claiming the first place in the top kills!



– Naru & Snowflake 

Dear Visitors/Members,


Last week we’ve agreed that Dexter isn’t active enough as Community Leader, we know that this is due his busy in real life.
We need someone who can gather the Community Mods to work together with the Leader in order to maintain a good server.

We’ve chosen Naru for this task, Naru has been in this community for more then 3 years now and knows our vision. He’s always contributed alot, both community as server wise.

We thank Dexter for everything he did in the short period as Com Leader and wish him good luck in his private life!


 The Management,

– Ameiya, Dender, Lynx and Snowflake

Dear Visitors/Members,


We’d like to announce an addition to our team of Leaders: Our dear Cat “Lynx“.

He has been part of our community for a very long time and did a very good job back when he was a Modarator and Admin (back in the very old ranking system). And even now he is contributing many things for the community (game reviews, give-aways, inactivity posts and much more).
We are happy to have him on-board with us from now on and we are sure that he will a good addition to our Team.


The Management,

– Ameiya, Dender, Lynx and Snowflake.

Dear Visitors/Members,


As of recent our competitive Leaque of Legends team has been making some progress as a team being. Together they have been battling several teams in scrims and have been active in some tournaments recently.

Last week they have been competiting in the ‘ESL LoL Open Leaque Spring Seasone 2015 – Playoffs and evantually finished 3rd after there consilidation match for the 3rd place has been forfeited due to the enemy team not being there to play.

After placing 3rd in the Playoffs they tried there best in the ‘LoL LowElo #24 France‘ where they unfortunately fell short in the first round and where left empty-handed.


Our team consist of the following players:

– Ameiya (C)

– TSM Kirito

– Dragon

– AionAblaze

– Ex1bel

– Techiey

The Management,


Dear Players/Members,


Our server stats have been reset for the month of May with the following outcome!


First of all we have the top five highest KDR:

1. [SwMt]Amlaith with a 4,34

2. [Love]50-23 with a 4,03

3. SwMt | TantGreta

4. SWMt | Released with 2,97

5. Baaab the Sheep with 2,92.


Top kills on the server:

1. [REBL]LumpyNutz with 3551

2. MOHA with 3215

3. eLViKuS with 2935

4. [REBL]Booo with 2574

5. [REBL]DeXter with 2510.


Well done to the Rebel members there made it to the top five 


Just as a little side note:

Server kill count: 154.873
Server death counts: 159.458

The server kdr: 0,97.


~~Snow~~ & DeXter


Forum Link

Hey guys,

As linked below this is the new trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 3.
The game will be released on a friday this year, 6th of November 2015 to be exact.
There will be a officail BETA available for the game itself later this year when pre-ordering the game.

Also it will be again a futuristic mindset with to be rumoured loads of customization and other futuristic mindsets.
The PC specs have been leaked already (linked below).
Pc Specs for Call of Duty: BO3

The game so far will be only playable on a Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

To keep up with the news of the game itself I advise you to either keep in touch with these channels, as listed below.

– Charlie Intel Twitter
Call of Duty Youtube Trailer
Call of Duty Twitter
Official Treyarch Twitter (Developer)


Dear Members,

The recent developements with our founders leaving the community for good, we’re left with a heavy task which we’re going to take with both hands.
We’re tending to hussle around some stuff, no mayor changes so you guys won’t have to worry about it ;).

With ZioN! and Mr. Orange putting down there functions. We’re left with no ‘mentor’, but a whole load of experiences and guidelines.
Also we’re down to €0,- by now due these events, No, ZioN! and Orange did not take all the money we had left. The only money that was left was invested by them or us.

As making a new star of this legacy we’re forced to raise up an income again for the upcoming month of payments of our server(s).
For the first month(s) we’re covering up some of the costs ourself and are not going in towards any finicial debts.

That’s why we need your support!
Donations now a days a rare and they’re still vital to keep everything up and running.

Therefore we’re asking you members to donate a bit when you have some spare money laying around to donate something to raise the funds and keep the server(s). up.

Also this will not go unnotice. We of course reward you with the rights which will be attached to donating.
Besides this we will reward you with some games we still have in store.

We’re thankfull for every member which is willing to even donate or has done in the past.
And we hope we are going to keep you guys satisfied and have you guys keep playing without any worries!



Also we´d like to inform you of a new Rank for Members who have been part of the Community for a very long time and have contributed many things in the past years: Rebels Original!
Those who have this special rank will have slightly improved rights on our Black-Ops Server (Temp-ban) aswell as a new shiny icon on the Forum.
With that beeing said, we´d like to thank and congratulate the following Members which have been with us for many years:

The Joker


**Also critiques, feedback, compliments are welcome. We want to improve as independent leader being and have a better overall communication with you guys.**


The management.