February changes

Hey everyone!


Many changes has been added to Team Rebel in January and February and i post the most important below.

The management was changed as the following:

Lynx has been promoted to Community Cat and will be the person to update with news, on the website/Forum and help on the Teamspeak. Hes also the one in charge of our twitter which can be found here: https://twitter.com/teamrebelEU

Wizzy Chizzy has been promoted to Community Moderator in our new Counter Strike Global Offensive team, he will handle all tryouts and new players who would like to join Team Rebel through CS:GO.

Snowflake has been changed from Leader to Rebels Original – since he has been a loyal member for many years!

AionAblaze got a new job description, because he don’t play much League of Legends anymore. Hes job description has been changed to Community Advisor


The changes to what games we play, changed as following:

Rust: We now support the game Rust. We have a server, and many of our members that plays actively every day. You can find our server here: https://www.team-rebel.com/rust/

Since we gotten our server in Rust, it only grown, and on February 17 we had a full server (Total of 70 online players)

Counter Strike Global Offensive: For long time we have been looking for new games to play, and many players started playing CS:GO, so we gave it a shot and it seemed to be the most favored game to be our next game. We got our self a team, and a moderator, that actively plays the game and arrange Tryout etc.


The changes to our forum:

New forum: in 2016 we launched a new forums design, this is not our final design, since we have a new design in the works, which will be done soon!

Changes to subforums: We have decided to remove many of the unused forums and subforums and add many new forums and subforums. This also include our new misc games forum, where you can talk about any game you want and even share your thoughts about a game you really like or hate.


Call of Duty Black Ops:

Our Community Leader Naru currently host an event on the server where you can choose a game of your choice (Max 60 Euro) – Ends 04/01/2016

Find more info here: https://www.team-rebel.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6963



Lynx is trying to keep the teamspeak up to date, by adding the channels that are needed and helping out, if you need it.

You will be able to find Lynx in 3 different forms on the Teamspeak, online as much as possible.

If you need help on Teamspeak you can poke / PM the following 3 users on Teamspeak:


TR-Acitivy track – Test client

Team Rebel Support


Enjoy the month!



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