Forum Rollback

UPDATE: Forum is working again.

We will be setting back the Forum to the state of how it was before the first problems appeared. Forum posts made since then till now will most likely be deleted in this process.

What actually happend?

We wanted to update the phpBB version (platform on wich the forum is running) and add a few parts in order to integrate it into the Homepage.
However due to my bad planning-ahad, serveral mistakes were made to the sate of a not working Forum.

What now?
I want to apologise to all of our members who were affected by those problems. This was my mistake for the biggest part because i did not plan-ahad well enough.

Once everything is set back and working we will continue to work on the forum update. However it will take more time then intended and i can not tell you a date on when the new system will be aviable.

Ameiya, Leader of Team Rebel,

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