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How to report

Found a player cheating, or someone that needs a ban? Report them here.
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How to report

Postby ZioN » Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:27 pm

This makes it eassier for us to process reports.
If a player, a REBL member or a REBL admin abuses, swears, annoys or does anything against the server rules, give us the following information.

- Date (So we can search the logs)
- Your name AND SteamID
- Name of the player/member/admin (as accurate as possible, makes it eassier to search on)
- What he/she did/do
- Evidence if possible, videos/screenshots can be very helpfull, and might speed up the process to a ban.

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- [b]Date[/b]
- [b]Your name AND SteamID [/b]
- [b]Name of the player/member/admin[/b]
- [b]What he/she did/do[/b]
- [b]Evidence[/b]

You could also contact one of The Management on steam or email.
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