[JUNE] Top Kills/KDR

Hey everyone!

It’s the first of July and that means it is time to reveal the feats of our member and players in June.

Presenting the stats for the first time myself, I present you the top five players with the highest KDR:
1. SwMt | TantGreta 3,94 KDR

2. SwMt | Released 3,33 KDR

3. [SwMt] AiZCreaM 3,20 KDR

4. Baaab the Sheep 3,10 KDR

5. Jarvis 2,93 KDR


Following up with the highest kills among the top five:

1. [REBL] Jiggy 5564 kills

2. [REBL] Kamzy <3TKT 3018 kills

3. rajallDiavolo V 2796 kills

4. [REBL] Bananarama 2644 kills

5. [REBL] Batar 2324 kills


Server stats:

Kill Count: 161746
Death Count: 166973
Server KDR: 0,97


Good hunting everyone and well done to one of our newest additions claiming the first place in the top kills!



– Naru & Snowflake 

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