Search and Destroy stats reset | May

Dear Players/Members,


Our server stats have been reset for the month of May with the following outcome!


First of all we have the top five highest KDR:

1. [SwMt]Amlaith with a 4,34

2. [Love]50-23 with a 4,03

3. SwMt | TantGreta

4. SWMt | Released with 2,97

5. Baaab the Sheep with 2,92.


Top kills on the server:

1. [REBL]LumpyNutz with 3551

2. MOHA with 3215

3. eLViKuS with 2935

4. [REBL]Booo with 2574

5. [REBL]DeXter with 2510.


Well done to the Rebel members there made it to the top five 


Just as a little side note:

Server kill count: 154.873
Server death counts: 159.458

The server kdr: 0,97.


~~Snow~~ & DeXter


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