Team-Rebel LoL team ends 3rd

Dear Visitors/Members,


As of recent our competitive Leaque of Legends team has been making some progress as a team being. Together they have been battling several teams in scrims and have been active in some tournaments recently.

Last week they have been competiting in the ‘ESL LoL Open Leaque Spring Seasone 2015 – Playoffs¬†and evantually finished 3rd after there consilidation match for the 3rd place has been forfeited due to the enemy team not being there to play.

After placing 3rd in the Playoffs they tried there best in the ‘LoL LowElo #24 France‘ where they unfortunately fell short in the first round and where left empty-handed.


Our team consist of the following players:

– Ameiya (C)

– TSM Kirito

– Dragon

– AionAblaze

– Ex1bel

– Techiey

The Management,


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