Team-Rebel Monthly(s): A quick months recap

Dear Members,

As the title explains, we’re going to give you guys a quick recap about what happend inside our community in the past few month(s).

Since the last monhly back in April, we didn’t make any since then and it has a quite simple reason.
In the month April things have quite changed inside our community and the some certain stuff around it.

Due to the decrease of activity of ZioN! and Mr.Orange due there busy personal lives, Dender & Ameiya and myself have been leading  Team-Rebel since Mid-May.
Things have sometimes go as planned and sometimes not, I.E the Forum/Website Rollback, we’re currently improving and we’re taking a look at what u guys as an individual want.
Besides these changes, as the start of our leadership we decided to give several members a promotion and let members tell us why they are the best for certain ranks aswell, not all spots are taken yet.
After that things went as planned and on track, in June we rented a DayZ Standalone server which lasted for 1 month as payment term. The main reason this server later didn’t got a month extra is that money vault is closely watch on the out- and incomes, we live of donations after all.
Recently Hate invested €40,- for a second Call of Duty: Black Ops server, which is currently live and running. Besides that we’ve changed our main server to a 12 man slot server, it should be.

Recently we had the proposal from our Ex-member Dreamkiller to let him back in the clan since he had some personal live issues. This was for us no doubt and we straight away accepted the man who has been a HUGE nightmare for all our Black Ops server players 😉

We’re accepting members a bit easier as it was in the past, we’re hopefully expanding our limits this way in a positive way.

May – Mr. Orange 10,-
May – Zion! 10,-
May – Dender 20,-

June – Mr. Orange 10,-
June – Zion! 10,-
June – Dender 1,-
June – Ameiya 15,-
June – DayZ Server €43,50
– €7,50,-

July – Mr. Orange 10,-
July – Zion! 10,-
+ €20,-

August – Mr. Orange 10,-
August – Zion! 10,-
August – Hate 40,-
August – Exibita 10,-
August – Snowflake 25,-
– August – Black Ops server II €11,49

Remaining: + € 135,01

If you guys still have any tips/questions we are here to answer them for you!


The Management,

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